First Day of School Blues

I know, you think I mean she is the one suffering the blues. Mais Non, mes amis. She walked in and scurried off to roll with the other 2-footers in the class. I thank the heavens she is social and in-your-face like her mama. No, the blues were all mine, but not what you think.

See, you go through the anxiety of if she will be ok, kama atashiba or will she pick on or be picked on. More importantly, which sock or shoe will go missing and how many holes and rips will be on her uniform each day. I then asked her very friendly teacher about what their curriculum or typical day will be like (she is in baby class, I am not expecting her to revise for quantum physics papers just yet). She mentioned sounds, numbers, salutations, the Bible and then she said, ‘the family’.

I literally froze and began to shake. Back in the day (yes, I am a fossil), the family was clear cut. Nuclear or extended, either way, there is Mum, DAD and child/ren. I had no choice, I had to ask, ‘so what is the lesson plan for those without the nuclear set up?’ I never thought in a million years I would ask that.

The teacher, with a smile on her face, said, ‘we do have lots of cases like that’ and she began sharing a few stories. At first I thought she was oversharing, but then I realized what she was doing…consoling me and my little angel that hatuko pekee yetu in this.

I just realized today that this is something I haven’t found a cheat sheet or guide book on. But, she will know she is loved and that we all share a dad, Papa God. Teacher warned me against talking ill about le sperm donor, but she said I need to talk to her about it and the fact that she was not a test tube project…she came from somewhere.

I took a minute to cry out the shock but I had to get back up before little one notices the momo shaking in her chair. I looked around the room and suddenly got inwardly sad because it turns out it was the majority who have ‘special cases’ going on, from separations, to parents passed on, to those whose parents are merely housemates (yeah, kiddies pick up on this and share with darling teacher. So don’t act surprised or offended when you walk in to pick your junior and the teachers have that sour lemon face on.).

The theory is therefore true….parenthood is that eternal class or training session.


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