Warning: ‘Share’ button contains traces of Crack

That is a very valid warning I am sharing with you. Nowadays, I log on to Facebook wearing a helmet and brandishing a sword, ready to take down share-psychos. We know we are royally screwed when something so fun barely 5 years ago has turned into a real-life scene from horror flicks.

I am horrified at the things people prefer to share. How posting a picture of a barely matured child being stripped of her dignity by our ladies in blue over posting, say, a link to Trump’s presidential bid (wait…)…moral of the story? anything is better than humiliating Kenya’s future on social media. That said, I think a parent dropped one of theirs back there and she is getting poop-faced on drugs and booze before her legal age.

I understand the value of social media in passing info and messages much faster than a paper or even prime time news ever can. It has given us some of the best #KOT moments in history. Funds have been raised for a greater good, traffic can now be monitored in advance, your leaders can ‘connect’ with the public and social causes have been highlighted. In fact, #KOT has managed to take down dozens of destinations, including Wisconsin and Nebraska (I think). So why should we use the same power to glorify idiots who have too much storage space on their phones???

I am guilty of sharing a funny clip or 1000 from time to time. But I think we have way too many problems in our lives to add on to with some senseless content sharing on social media. Take the ‘Mollis’ case, I maintain ‘no’ means ‘no’ and this ‘stud’ clearly has a hearing problem. I want to meet both Mollis and his latest conquest and slap them in the face because the only thing worse than shooting a sex video is recording a shag session in mp3. Remember, the internet, the hashtag #TBT and the ‘share’ button never forget. I am sure we have all noticed that Facebook is a sadistic prick that has decided to forcefully walk us down memory lane. Although this feature has helped me ‘untag’ non-factors so that is fine. However, I am pretty sure 4 years from now you do not want ‘Mollis’ and heck knows what else popping up on your timeline.


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