One year down the line, yeah I know. Hope you have all kept these WP streets clean while I was away. Mally Malz (i need a new nickname for her) turns 2 next month *bites fingers* and I have taken one of my guilty pleasures into overdrive….watching reality TV.
sipping tea

The more of them I watched, the more I understood why reality tv would bomb in this here nchi yetu. Let’s try and picture some of these, shall we?

  1. Cutting it in the ATL : A show about hair – weaved hair, natural/kinky hair, fancy hair, heads full of hair. No, it’s not a hairstyle showcase, it’s chics who own salons in the ATL. My absolute favorite is the African queen herself, Mushiya. She is shade central and will laugh with you as she does it. The others are just plain psychotic, I watch it for her. Now, imagine a show about salons in Kenya…chances are it would follow those chics at Kenyatta market who chase you down to do your hair. I say it would turn violent and be cancelled after 2 episodes.

    cutting it
  2. Love and Hip Hop franchise: What makes me laugh about this show is that there is usually like only one couple out of 6 or 7 per show who are in love, and 0-2 people who are actually a part of the hip hop music industry. Probably they choose the cast based on how many Jay-Z songs you know ati ‘hip hop’. So a Kenyan one would have Kaka Sungura, P-Unit, Kaligraph na kadhalika. Your guess is as good as mine on how long it would and hip hop
  3. Real Housewives: I will watch this show if Akothee, Mama Keroche, Esther Passaris and a couple of socialites to level the playing field. Who would be the ‘NeNe’? Akothee of course. This show could run for 6 seasons even. real housewives
  4. Marriage Bootcamp: I would like to point out that with every episode I watch, I am more convinced that marriage should have been made an exclusive club that only a few can enter. Those issues are on that ‘iCant’ level. That show would last for only one episode because other wives and MWKs would pop up at the door wondering who the heifer with your husband is. marriage bootcamp
  5. #Rich Kids of Beverly Hills: It is an overall depressing show that makes me question my life choices. Kenya’s would have multiple franchises for Karen, Runda/Muthaiga and Loresho. Got nothing to say about its run kids

Yes, I know I did not mention the Kardashian/Jenner madness and I will leave it at that. I think we are so into these shows because they display the ratchetness that we hide in our closets on a daily basis. I cannot feel sorry for anyone who agrees to have their life documented and then some mess gets revealed on air. At least with shows like Big Brother and Survivor, I am allowed to cut someone for a million bucks or so. I should be ashamed and look away but I just can’t. Besides, I think some of the story lines are scripted, which then makes me wonder if there is such a thing as real reality TV.

So what’s your favorite and which one would fly in Kenya? #KeepitReal


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