Happy Father’s Day

#WaajikuWhileYouWereAway…he he! It has been a crispy almost shurad minute since I came on here. let’s see, I became a mummy (and she is a hottie, we are accepting applications from sons of men for her hand about 45 years from today), I have learned to love on a whole other level. So people who say they are in love know nada until you become a parent (si kwa ubaya!)

I chose to break my silence on Father’s Day because I have learned from two men what a Father is and what one is not. To my daddy Jamo, you are the pillar of strength, humor and order in our humble abode. Though we are seperated by oceans and something called GMT, wewe ni baba in our hearts and lives long after this life is through. Cheers Jamo, na uendelee kubarikiwa unono, urefu na kadhalika.

I have also learnt from another man what a father is not but should be. It is not a cliche that little girls need a father figure to protect them from the madness that is life and Vera Sidika. Little girls need someone to show them what a quality man looks like. Little girls need someone to teach them things that mothers cannot (let’s face it, God created man and woman for a reason….we may not all like it but c’est la vie!)

Men were created to provide and protect; they were born to be fathers and not sperm donors; they were born to carry on their legacy (ebu check out the part in the bible for nani begot nani….its living proof I say). Do not be fooled that life goes on when you neglect your very God given duty. You can try to buy it, sleep with it or drink it, but it wont be real happiness.

What I have learned though (the hard way) is that because we as women are bitter about failed relationships, it is no reason to deny your child the right to know their father. Put emotion aside and let fathers be fathers. However, a woman of pride will not beg that man to carry out what is considered their duty, let him be and do you. Do not let him weigh you down or stop you from raising your little angel. Kama hataki kazi yake, let him go play in traffic or partake a meal of jiggers (too much?)

Do not accept to compromise your child’s safety and happiness for the sake of a man…any sign of him looking at you or your child sideways, exit please! Stories of women who protect the men that keep the other half of their beds warm even when their children are being violated are smearing our screens with uchafu! A child is one of God’s most precious gifts to this world, their innocence and inner beauty intact. Taking that away then trying to rationalize your actions should warrant you to be hung from your pubes till they break.

That said, Happy Fathers day to real fathers that have taken their place and carried out the work God bestowed on them. Happy Fathers Day to the men that have taken over the work of the ‘man’ that deserted their duties. Happy Father’s Day to the single fathers and mothers out there who never forget that Junior is number 1! Happy Father’s Day to grandmas and grandpas carrying out duties of raising their little munchkins, to those angels of society taking care of the forgotten angels in homes, hospices and rehab centres and especially to Sir God….being a dad to 7 billion kids with watukutus like Osama, Mugabe, Moses Kuria, Bush, na kadhalika is not a walk in the park.

This is the song I say that I play for my daughter and will teach her the minute she graduates from Gugu-gaga university…. Little Mix’s Little Me. I love you Amaliah Esther Wamunyu!


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