Love or Nothing at all

My thoughts exactly…nuff said! *drops mic*

we fail until we win

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Smile if you’ve been dumped. A toast to those who’ve always been picked, second, third forth or never been picked up at all.

Wear your face high those who’ve been on a double date and the couple on the other side seemed to have it all. A toast to us, cause it gets better. There is something that washes away most of the hurt we feel, the pain we’ve gone through, the self worth we lose, the ego that gets deflated.

It’s all so sad what we’ve been through. It makes you think? I’ve been alive for how many years now? 20 something? I have sixty more to go… A hundred? How will I manage that? That’s how you know you sad.

But it all gets better.

Cause along the way you find someone, someone not as beautiful as you wish she was. But she…

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