Sorely Missed

I miss Hong Kong Phooey…I miss my Std. 4 best friend (Eliza aka Baby,tee hee)….I miss those carefree days also known as college days…I miss old friends, crushes, my sanity…..So much comes to mind but let me not leak the web that is my mind, I can’t afford therapy for all of you..

Recently, I lost a friend…ok, let me clarify, he was a BFF to my BFF’s BFF….I know how to keep my inner circle in check…kinda like Beyonce and HOVA keeping the money between themselves (ma-gold digger and Campus Divas out here are hazardous spenders!). What do I miss about him?he was always a cheery chap, was one of the few people that could beat me in a battle with a tequila bottle, was accommodating and had some wild views on life, love and everything in-between. I must admit that I did not see much of him before he took his final bow. Upon attending his send-off, I saw his lady love, his buds, his family all missing him in their unique way….be it through tears, through a silent prayer with heads bent down or through a giggle remembering his funny anecdotes. I chose to remember him for his fun side, for his happy times…I hate that I missed his downtime (when he was unwell, when he was having a phunky day or week,etc) because i believe that it is at this point when you know and can understand the soul of a human when its stripped down, vulnerable and in need of a hug or a kind word. A toast to Jaq, he will be sorely missed.

Did you ever miss a time or moment spent with someone, whether they are in your life at present or not? It could be an encounter with our beloved Kenya Police one drunken night, a joke only the two of you can understand, a hearty talk about something they felt they couldn’t share with anyone else, a bottie of the nastiest, cheapest liquor coz it was that time of the month known as ‘mid month’ or even a quiet moment shared in a moment of pure nirvana (some may misconstrue this as a weed smoking session….ok, it might be 🙂 ). I have sooooo many of these and so much more that I cant have back on grounds of age, deteriorated mental health, less liquor consumption, more sleeping hours required, shtundu supplier moving to another county, etc.

I could choose to sit and wallow in history….or I could choose to smile and salute anything and anyone I sorely miss and move on to the next phase. I choose to have these moments to cheer me up when I am having a whack day, I choose to have these moments as a lesson to choose better friends (ok, more boring and grown friends), as a lesson on what paths to take and those dark, empty, houses in horror movies not to enter to investigate (this ain’t no scene from Scooby Doo).

But you know what I sorely miss? Time spent on social media…heck I woulda been playing Tazama Chapaa and become and instant half-millionaire or something….oh well. *logs back on to Twirra, MKZ, MySpace,Tagged,Instagram, MUIC, na kadhalika* 🙂




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