She…and him.

He will smile her way when she sees him,

He will make her feel like a queen when around her,

Her heart skips a beat when she hears his voice, feels his touch, tastes his kiss,

Every morning, Every night, she looks forward to his call or text,

Sometimes he makes her so mad that she wants to put her hands around his neck and squeeze till he goes blue,

She is never afraid to argue with him because she believes everything will work out in the end,

He has hurt her more than he knows but she still sticks around,

She has said mean and hurtful things to him just to pop his ego bubble and yet he sticks around,

A few believe they look good together, many don’t trust him,

But she tries her hardest to shut out what the world has to say about him,

She knows him well enough to know when something is wrong,

He knows her well enough to tolerate her insecurities,

A number of ‘I love you’s’ have been tossed around from time to time,

‘I miss you’s’ quickly follow when they haven’t seen each other in some time,

But lately she feels he is pulling away,

Lately she feels things have changed,

And that is when she remembers…

He belongs to another!

What is a girl to do?

Try her hardest to stop tears from flowing?

Drink until it all makes sense to her?

Move on?

Hold on to hope?

She waits to see what lies ahead….

She waits to see what’s in store…

She just…waits.


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