God DOES have a sense of humour!

A friend this past weekend made an innocent comment about how someone she is involved with wishes my brain and hers could be switched. She is a bright one,don’t get me wrong,  its just that she is analytical and calculating while I think like gas…here there everywhere and it will eventually come together down the road. I hear whit folk call that ‘abstract thinking’.

This made me realize something (yes, I shoulda been a tad offended but I wasn’t… :))…you will NEVER find the perfect person. She will have the sense of humor that molests your ribs but she looks like a pile of cow dung….or he may be a hottie but when he opens his mouth to speak, stupidity and douchebaggery spews out.

I actually imagined the scenario in Heavenville when God is creating us…he creates us like puzzles, jumbles us up and some point loses some of the pieces….when He is done playing, he returns us in the boxes we come in (skinny, fat, thin, dark, light, dark black….the usual) and sends us down to our mothers’ baby ovens. Sometimes I bet even he is curious to know how some of us will turn out as we grow up….and is madly tickled at what each and every one of us has become. So as a consolation prize, he creates another set of dysfunctional puzzles and sends them down in a package known as ‘soul mate’.

My thinking is that some of us are a mess Royale with Cheese because our soul mates slipped from our reach in a number of ways. Bottom line, you will NEVER have the all-round package when it comes to a wife or hubby. Take what you can, make sure your pieces merge with his/hers and just live like one big happy puzzle…Keep God’s Reality Channel busy for Him to be entertained by our shenanigans and thank Him for whatever puzzle box  you came in.Deuces!


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