Love is pain…say what now???

For years I shut out that little word that apparently means so much to hopeless fools out of my system…love!However when it finally happened it was the wrong person at the wrong time!As luck would drunkenly have it,he has his eye for another lass and then a whoooole lot of some.
Now,I begrudgingly wish him the best for the future and whatnot but I can’t help but wonder…why am I the sloppy seconds chic?why am I the one left with a big bowl of ‘why’ sometimes drenched in tears and tequila?why do people say love is so cutesy when it keeps bringing me pain?I almost believed these lovelorn asses with their love songs,ballads and damn sonnets!no freaking poet at my window chanting ‘how do I love thee?let me count the ways!’,no ‘just because’ gifts for me,no full or back to back 24 hours of happy for me!
This pain has led me to make this decision…to supress my feelings until they deserve to be let out in the world…No false hopes and just let it go…pretend as I have all this time that I’m cool with things as they are…and finally,keep bonding with the one man who wont let me down,Jose Cuervo…I’ll drink to that!!! 


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