Kenya Crises Shoulda, Coulda, Wouldas…

First off, I recently learnt the plural is Crises, not crisisisisisises!Aaaaaanywho, a lot has been happening in this little sovereign state of ours…Guys dying of famine, on the roads, in fires and explosions only seen in movies. Now let me begin by saying RIP to the lost souls and pray they are in a better place.

With that out of the way, I have mad gripe with us as Kenyans (gava, civilians, corporations, etc). Lets start with the famine situation. People lost their lives and had reached the end of their rope before the government chose to step in. Kenyans4Kenya was an awesome initiative (my MPesa transaction history will prove that), but what is this I hear that MPs dipped into the gava famine kitty to offset their tax arrears????If that is how things are meant to work, can all Kenyans have access to that account so we can all settle our tax arrears!!!!!Oh wait, we funded that damn kitty…WITH OUR DULY PAID TAXES!!!!!!NKT!

Then comes the fire at Sinai. Apparently  guyz were once given 9k to resettle elsewhere. Im no baller but I’m pretty sure 9k wont even cover bus fare for an entire famo of 6 or so to fikisha them shaggz and then successfully resettle them. 2nd of all, KPC coulda gone hardcore and fenced off that area if it was being seen as a hazard, I dont get why they have to bembeleza people. Give them tough love and tell them they will f*ing die if they keep living there. Now this has happened. People are camping out in places like Tom Mboya Hall and what do I hear? That there is opportunistic pricks sneaking in and pretending to have been affected and demanding for food and blankets. C’mon now!Isn’t that calling some kind of curse on yourself? Mwenzako is suffering and you want to take advantage? Mungu akuonekanie!

Where was my ranting going?Oh yeah…Our government and corporations need to take on the proactive approach to averting these crises (there it is again! 🙂 ). Dont beg people living in danger zones to leave; kick them out and offer a reasonable resettlement budget, si 9k!!!!!Na nyinyi Gava, dont wait until Nguatah Francis and his boys predict dry days ahead…teach those living in semi-arid areas storos of all-season round farming and irrigation. This will minimize the danger of innocent civilians succumbing to hunger. Kenyans, life is precious and you only have one…no re-runs, no repeats (unless you believe in re-incarnation to which I say…party on). If you know kuchota mafuta and living metres from an oil depot is life-threatening, don’t do it!And if you won’t think of yourselves, think of the family, the kids you live behind surely!!!

I’m done!


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