Move Over Gaga…I Got My Own Little Monsters!

Y’know, I love that woman’s eccentric ways, but if her monsters are a pregnant bank account, the large life and fans all over the place, then she is free to trade with me for real little monsters…and no, I dont consider my little sister ‘little monster’ (although this is open for discussion). I’m talking about the things in life we all battle with that we can’t always share in the world like Love, Pain, Jealousy, Anger, etc. and to me, even a slice of chocolate cake is a monster (I mean, look what it does to my ass each day) 🙂

My first monster is giving up or backing out. I can’t blame this one on my folks, those two can fight their way through a vacuum and still come out tops…I mean i have this nasty little habit of letting others get in line before me, letting them have first picks and all that not-too-cool ish. There are things I wish i could fight for if given a second chance, but sometimes second chances only apply to video games.

I can be hell-a jealous, but sometimes I will be jealous on a lost cause. I mean, there are situations in life where you know that there’s nothing you can do about it but just let that feeling stew inside. Why? you can’t share it with friends, siblings (maybe a shrink and you already pay them to pretend to be interested in your sordid life) because these people will kinda laugh it off and let you know that it is not your place to be getting jealous, possessive or whatever other adjective that pairs with these ones.

My other little monster is known as ‘bottling it in’. What do I mean? I mean if something or someone is bothering me, I will either keep it to myself or tell the concerned party like miaka nenda rudi down the line and I usually start those storos with ‘LOL,funny story…’.  I choose to do it that way coz I hate confrontation, but dammit confrontation once commenced feels really good (I actually bagan to understand that ‘Bust Your Windows’ song). Unfortunately, when the little bottle cap can’t hold it any more, it does get ugly and the sad thing is my bottle never explodes at the right time…really????I would want to yell and cuss someone out at that moment but instead, I flip out in the shower all because the water has become cold or we’ve run out of soap (who the heck will I yell at to feel gansta?the water drops maybe?)…I know I’m sounding like a piece of work at this juncture but not to worry, I have not reached ‘self-destruction’ phase just yet.

My final little monster, I like to call her Giggles. No really, my giggling and laughter will be my ultimate downfall. I deal with bad, uncomfy, or crappy situations by laughing. I have laughed in someone’s face (wink wink) at the most inopportune times for real. I will laugh in an arguement…I will laugh when the PC goes off right before I hit ‘save’…I will laugh when some stupid uncultured male or female *read bitch on both counts* says condescending, mean or otherwise ‘tarded things to me. The problem, most of the time, is not the laughter itself…Its the reaction I get from the other party coz they dont know If im laughing with or at them. Most of the time, a probable 80-something percent, people get pissed the heck off but they don’t know what so say next…I believe that is what constitutes as Waajiku winning an argument, or don’t y’all agree?

Now, Lady Gaga, you might want to find a new name for your ‘little monsters’…! 🙂


Published by: shikutip

Mummy to Amaliah, pretty decent creative, I am the current cloud pointing champ and an undeniable lover of my fam, my friends, my rugby and my sanity (although I let that one get away)...

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