Hitting on and just plain stalking are sitting on a blurry little line!

I say this coz I just think some dudes (and quite frankly chics) do not know when to quit. You are on my Twitter, FB, even freaking Hi5 that i dont use anymore. Then you dont stop there….you loook for my Gtalk handle, Skype then hola at your peeps to give you my number. You want to know my watering hole and even to the extent of wanting to know which chunks of oxygen I inhale in Nairobi so we can share it. C’MON NOW! What sucks the most is these ‘lovestruck fools’ dont know when to take a hint.  Chics, dont think you are off the hook either. A chic chooses the smallest outfit in her wardrobe that looks painted when when she wears it (si ati you dont flaunt what you have but eish!On a tuesday morning???Si you ngoja a Ka-friday jameni???), then you are all over a fella like a bad rash that only traditional medicine can get rid of. You then assume that coz he invites you to the lungula-nation for a nite that he is your man! I’m sure a couple of movies have been done with the same theme and P.S, the psychos get killed or end up in some loony bin cage.

Seems that we will have to go back to the original defense mechanism….y’know, ‘no means no’…what makes you think that I will want your mpango wa inbox if i refused to hang out with you, or even so much as send you a smiley face via text????Then there is that breed of dudes I have experienced that tell you shit like ‘unaniringia na vile wewe si msupa?’….boss, kuwa serious!All these years of watching HBO shows hasn’t taught you the art of tukanaing people????get creative, punk…seriously!!!But in all fairness, I think the way a certain percentage of chics throw themselves on the fellaz nowadays is what is spoiling them….contrary to popular belief, the chase game is still fun and it also lets you know the real deal from the douchebags!One last time fella, this tabia of popping out of every corner like that creepy Nuru guy….I will not smile with you and use that soap you are singing about, I will smack you over the head with the nearest blunt object.Believe dat!


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