Letting my toothache do the talkin’…and the pain meds do the typin’!

Man oh man, toothaches are sons of a mother duck….so Shiku the human is hereby posting a disclaimer that everything possibly said will not necessarily express her views. It’s Christmas week and I am having a great time listening to people actually planning their holidays. So far my favorite is ‘let’s stay home coz this is January’s salary!’….Enyewe I agree coz nobody wants their kid attending Kajinga Primary around the corner coz fees wasn’t enuff, or living on rice and water coz you were hogging down legfuls of chicken barely 2 weeks before.

The only thing that is truly bogging my mood is this Hague 6 storo. I personally hoped to see ‘some’ names on the list, but hey, if these 6 are the sacrificial lambs, so be it. What just got my granny pants in a bunch is the fact that peeps are meant to changa a sock (yes, 100 bob) to pay for fancy lawyers and round trips to the Hague and back. All I could think of was some of the uses i could possibly have for 100 bob; pay off my okoa jahazi and bakia with change to browse the net, use it as a fitting replacement for tissue when the real thing runs out, or pay off my deni with baba nyanya outside the esto gate. Heck, there’s a Sambuca or Tequila shot with my name on it somewhere in Nairobi. But never at any point did I think that I will changia for someone who helped in some way to bring beef among my people (Kenyans) to go lie to a bunch of white folks up at the ICC…NEVER!C’mon fellaz, take on the classic snitch role and sing like canaries to save your own asses. If the judges’ phone lines are busy, keep calling or even leave a voicemail, but don’t go down alone! I’m just sayin’….Listen politicians, my mama taught me that the truth will set me free and no amount of 100 bobs put together or overpaid lawyers will get you off if you were really busted with your hands in the githeri nyungu. I’m proud of my fellow raia for not raising a finger towards their neighbors and instead chose to go on FB and Twitter to make fun of these fools that only care for themselves. 2010 Person of the year shoulda been bloody Ocampo (as long as he comes with subtitles,simsikiangi!).


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