Who put that new year there? I’m not ready yet!

sooooo 2010 is almost coming to a close, you know I gotta do something off the chain come 31st before old age kicks in and all I can do is hi-5 my future spawn then black out while leaning on the kitchen table. I’m not here to reflect coz, to be quite honest, it usually makes me think too much and my brain is already too wrinkled at this time of the day. But I can tell you this, I wanted so many things this year like T.I showing up in Kibera and whisking me away in a G6 (or tuktuk, I’m not choosy), getting a job I can actually tolerate without wanting to drive toothpicks beneath my nails (that one came to be so phew!) and mending fences with people who I know have been letting their dogs come and crap on my yard and I never said anything in return. I think life is what you make it ( I wanted mine to be made of those pretty bricks, but i think im good with multi-colored Playdough) and I want to make the best of it….with that said, I will single-handedly bring down the Alcoholic Act coz its messing with my life timetable (I said bring it down, not bring it down successfully). Surely, our gava wants us to go to coasto and drink juice?that is a crime, I think. Gotta do this one more time before the new year sets in so…to be continued!


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Mummy to Amaliah, pretty decent creative, I am the current cloud pointing champ and an undeniable lover of my fam, my friends, my rugby and my sanity (although I let that one get away)...

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One thought on “Who put that new year there? I’m not ready yet!”

  1. I’m not ready for the New Years too considering that of all 52 New Year’s resolutions I had, I successfully accomplished one & another one is half done. The other fifty are just… Who made this calendar by the way?
    Talkin’ of our gava, do you really care? These days, we have VDJ’s making all kinds of mix DVD’s unlike those days when John, Pinye and Adrian were the hottest DJ’s alive. Buy a coupla DVD’s (Hepta entertainment by DJ Mantixx), step into an Uchumi outlet…or storm the D.o.D. & catch your favz & a house party goes down like a mutha…..
    Don’t try going to Coasto coz one, ‘me’ & ‘my government’ are looking for drug barons and anybody popping bottles and making it rain will be on ‘my’ radar. Two, your ‘anything goes’ attitude would get you using some nasty ish…and the way you don’t have veins, how are you going to locate where to put the syringe?
    All in all, in whatever you do this festive season, I wouldn’t like to read it or be told. I would like to be asked questions about what happened!


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