I need a Katia-ration Manual….anyone???

Kitambo, when I was in standard-i something or other, I knew that it’s up to the dude to punch, trip and pinch you and then tells you that he likes you….I guess those are the flowers and candy for the under 13’s of back then. Then as i grew older, I learnt that the dude will throw hints left right and center and eventually you will ingia box. Enter 21st Century and ati nowadays, its the chics that rule in this department. However, I didn’t get the manual on how I’m the one to make ‘the first move’. I have seen chics throw themselves at a dude, literally, and she will be singing to anyone who cares to hear that she successfully katiad a dude. Question is, is sexting, mpango wa inbox and secret club rendez-vous the definition of flirting?If it is, then im screwed. At the same time, is stepping to the said target and letting them know upfront ‘I like this (insert Facebook thumbs up)’ the way to go? Coz if it is, I’m still uber screwed. And what is this in-thing all you fellaz are into? Ati one month, you keep me charging my phone thanks to your chats, messages and calls (thereby putting kina 2929 and whatnot competition entrants to shame) and then the next month, you’re not even using the SIM card you used to woo me with….when we holla to ask ‘iz how?’, you have the full inaudible caveman sounds for ‘you see,what happened was…’ going on. My sister calls it the Peek-a-Boo effect…Si fellaz tell us what they want to hear from us mammary gland holders so we can use that manual? Coz dudes dont have short skirts to hike up as a sign of interest, hair to twirl around their fingers and neither do they have hips and ass to shake to mesmerize us…they will need to throw us a bone, hook, anything!!!pliz!I’m dying over here…. 😛


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