Love is nothing but tissue paper…Use, trash, flush!

So last night I had to sit through someone going on and on about how I will never find someone that will love me like he did. This coming from a dude that not only went around hitting on other mamacitas, but is currently in a relationship. Is this something dudes tell themselves so they can feel good about themselves ama to bring chics down? Man, fellaz sure do go to the darkest alleys to get their much needed ego boost, huh? I go ahead to ask the fella who was properly marinated in a couple of barley botties, what love means to him. He first wanted to give me keys to his house and I told him that is not love, its trust coz he knows I won’t jack his shit. He then goes on to say that love is not hating someone. Ai, and I thought that i learnt nothing in school, jeez! 21st century love has officially proven that love is just another verb(or is it noun?Mr Kamau was always boozed in class!) like shit, fuck and gas….it’s so easy to tell someone the L word only for you to meet some chic in a club that has the Bendova dance down pat and you decide that she is indeed the next person to unleash the same word on. I think that’s why I don’t have that word in my dictionary (seriously, I ripped out that page). So if there’s a pill that helps me understand and embrace love with all its retardation, pliz give me the supplier’s direct number. So until then, here’s a toast to tissue paper, I mean love!


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