Muuummm, Grandpa won’t let me rule…and he stole all the cookies!

That is the general feeling I have of our politicians. First off, I do get that power can change you coz now you can go postpaid instead of investing in bamba 20’s and that matatus are a thing of the past to get you from A to B (unless you’re Mike Sonko)…but why do you have to become a bonafide a-hole when you get that power? By the way, PLO, even if I have to log on to when you even so much as yawn, you are handling your business. Getting rid of all these corrupt officials is the first step in returning us to our former glory(I wanna know how it looks like coz I wasn’t born when it was around! :)).However, if you want to really grind their balls to the powder it rightfully deserves to be, strip them of their power completely and then ban them for running for office (even assistant sub-chief asiitikishwe). This is coz if you fire them for robbing me of my tax moola and let them run for government positions again, you have done absolutely nothing, for real! And am I evil for wanting to point and laugh in the face of one of the daughters of the fallen crooks, i mean ministers, coz she was quite the, um, heffer?Just sayin’…..And then what is this I hear they want to be paid while on suspension?What kid is locked in a room full of candy when on time-out?seerriously!But let me tetea some of them; I think some of them are mad old that senility and dementia has crept in. So when they deposit pesa ya CDF on Friday morning, they forget that anything like that happened by 10 o’clock tea. In that case, let me enjoy my ‘leaders of tomorrow’ shine now coz y’all are making my future job redundant by sitting on my office chair 200 years too long!Just go back to shaggz and try to master your grandkids names, tafadhali Mr. Kenyan Politician! :-/


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