The Assholes Get Laid More…Wacha!

So after a night that was going great at a club in Nyailofi City, some guy joins our group and turns out he was a friend’s date. After assuming that we, the girls (me especially) were the ones keeping him from his lady Like, he decides to unleash the line ‘you know im an asshole right?’….then proceeds to chomoa one of those cliche low blows ‘so do you drag her on your dates,considering the last one you went for was 20 years ago?’…it did take a mountain of inner peace not to say to him ‘thanks for reminding me…say hi to your dad by the way’!!!Was it respect for my friend that I chose to not lyrically wipe the floor with his wanna-be ass?Was it shock?or was it the tequila that was making its way to my brain?I dont know…..what I do know is that the confidence he unleashed his asshole skit with made me wonder if its how he gets the gals to his yard.I have seen guyz slap and shove girls in the club and they end up leaving together either way. The bad boy gene is still roaming around and ruling the girl universe, I see….so I wonder, does it work the same way for chics?Or do we just seem retarded?Either way, I pray I never meet this here jerkoff ever again or its on like 3 televisions and a torch!!!!!


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