Life…oh Life!!!

There is a song like that right?This is truly a dark day for me…that’s coz one of my good friends Victor Juma passed away. That phone call was my ‘alarm’ today. Coming to terms with his loss will be a toughie but I have to carry on, right? I’m sitting here thinking to myself that it should be old age and oder age that should take away our country’s shining stars and not a hooligan-filled, error-ridden and unnecessary tragedy like the one that took place at Nyayo Stadium yesterday evening. As it is, we are already held in a negative light by FIFA and yesterday was just another feather in our old and tattered hat. I’m sorry, but until our corrupt leaders get their shit together, maybe we should be banned. Meanwhile, we should take notes from how other nations and our beloved Premier League handle their biz, you feel me? Oh, and the same morons (read club officials) beat the living crap out of a former goalie who tried to stop the match when the stampede occurred. I mean, I’m glad that local football is moving on up, but if it at this cost, I’m sticking to rugby and bumming! So here I am toasting to one of the greatest young minds and souls I got to know…Vic Juma, be sure to ngotea MJ, will ya? I remember how you used to call and play his music to me when he passed on, and I will always love you for that. He was my FB fiance and that stuff takes work, y’know? 🙂 As much as I’m not a Chelsea fan, they have truly lost one of their biggest torch bearers. In fact, every nasty thing I have to say about TPF4 tonight will be dedicated to you. And fuck you very much KFL, we are NEVER forgiving you for this one. Believe that!!!!


Published by: shikutip

Mummy to Amaliah, pretty decent creative, I am the current cloud pointing champ and an undeniable lover of my fam, my friends, my rugby and my sanity (although I let that one get away)...

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2 thoughts on “Life…oh Life!!!”

  1. I know how hard it is to lose a close friend,i feel you.My sincerest and deepest condolences to you and everyone who knew him.Tough times like these are hard to get through,but i pray you get the strength to.Poleni my dear.


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