Big Brother…Oops, I mean Big Broda!

What? That is what it shoulda been renamed after Uti (yay!) bagged the moola!200k dollars richer, huh?Naaah, as a Kenyan, I’m quite content trying to bag a spot in G4S for my big break. The juju men and women in Afro Cinema, I mean Abuja did their work proper that the money went back to Naija! But what is this I hear, thanks to a Zim website, that Munya went back home and in 20 minutes of landing in Harare was 300k dollars richer thanks to Uncle Scrooge (read Mugabe)??? Ati now guyz were protesting that the winner choice was controversial (but c’mon Zimbos, watch a couple of Oga flicks and you will shut up!)…so the moola that Scrooge gave cry baby Munya was to ‘erase the trauma’ of not winning.  Shyyeeeetttt, if it was me, I would take the money and run for the hills. My opposition to Scrooge’s policies has nothing to do with this hard-earned hustle…im just sayin’. With that said, Big Up Kwambox for showing the world that Kenyans are not prudes (naughty naughty! :->)…until season 6, I’m soooo team Palek it hurts! :)))


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