Come…let me hug you reeeeaaaal tight….until your head pops!

Oh, don’t worry….i’m not promoting violence…but just in case ‘do not try this at home, school or anywhere’…I wonder, are some people worth it? I mean, you hold a candle for them (cant do torches, that’s too expensive for someone of shifty personality) and hope they are not too bad and that you can co-exist with them. But noooo,right on cue, they do something so…sooo…sooooo…nyef that you just put out the candle with your eyeball.Yeah, that bad.And this is someone with multiple personalities talking (that abscondita may have been the one who framed Ruto, I’m just sayin’).

I think trying to be civil with people is the actual fuse to the timebomb that explodes into full-on hatred.It’s just best you tell me what you reeeeaaaalllllyyy think of me and life will be so much easier.I promise you, the air becomes fresher once all those cards are laid on the table (as long as you’re not somewhere in Industrial Area, then your lungs are screwed).

Points to ponder…if someone can easily end a friendship, then that wasn’t a friendship at all…and if you never talked to me back then, what alien spaceship has sprayed earth with ‘otherwise’ juice to change that fact???Deuces!


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