With guest co-writer, Jose Cuervo

I wish someone would write a song about me coz I got a feeling it would have the words ‘retard’, ‘tequila hogger’, ‘miss fatty fatty’, ‘clueless in love’ and a few others that are Mathare related. It’s all good even if they sang about the stagnant pool that is my fashion sense. All I ask is that its not none of that RnB shit…oops,I mean hot mess!How you gonna tell me you’ll travel round the seven seas for me?Who told you I live in Kisumu or China?I’m landlocked, idiot!Although I suspect I will be the muse for those songs that go like ‘I love you but you aren’t the one’…sometimes I suspect that men think we’ll threaten to jump when they say that. I personally usually call up my boy Jose and we bond till I fall!And if you don’t stop playing that mess, I will shove that PC up the smallest hole of your anatomy! Have a musical day y’all! 🙂


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